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Attend ‘Feel the Vibes’ – A Valentine’s Special

RCCG Royal Priesthood Assembly 


Feel the Vibes!

with Pastor Shola Meseko.

A Seasoned & Renowned Relationship and Marriage Counseling Expert.

Date Sun 11th Feb. 2018

Time is 9am.

It promises to be mind blowing.

Be there!

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The Need For A Spiritual Guide

By Kehinde Fashua

We live in a Spiritual wild life park, we need a guide so as not to walk up into a Lion’s mouth.

The guide I’m referring to is Jesus Christ.

I once visited the Old Oyo Natural Park, Oyo State, Nigeria to see wild life in their natural habitat and we had an armed park ranger following us around.

I reasoned he had to be with us in order to protect us from potential attack from a wild animal.

This scenario resonates with the current world we live in. Satan is the prince of this world and as long as he remains the prince of the world, trouble, wars, deaths, accidents and disasters abound or have you forgotten John 10:10 which says he has come to steal, kill and destroy? and 1 Peter 5:8 which says we should be alert because he prowls around looking for whom to devour.

The late Dr. Myles Munroe once said the devil may be ruling for now but the privilege we have as Christians is that our father has the ownership. Hence, we are protected.

Meanwhile, we are aware of his limited time on earth (Revelations 12:12), however, there is need to be protected by Jesus Himself.Only those who have genuinely given their lives to Christ have this privilege (Psalms 145:20)

Incase you haven’t given your life, it’s not too late (1 John 1:9). Do so now and seek a Bible and Holy Spirit believing church to grow and remember to work in His vineyard.

For some of us still struggling, He remains the only option. Keep praying and make up your mind also to intentionally live that sin that easily besets you.

Jesus is the only solution to the world’s chaos.